After completing a Master’s degree in Greek philosophy at the Sorbonne University, Gautier Ferrero finds an echo of his questionings in Eastern spiritualities. His research then takes the experimental direction of a Master’s degree in anthropology on Zen Buddhism at the University of Nice, followed by doctoral research on the Hindu religion.


Eastern traditions regard art as the reflection of the artist’s vitality. Hence the practice becomes a privileged means to develop one’s perception and soul. The consideration of a creative process that implies transforming the whole being has an influence on the artist's perspective.


Progressively, his curiosity for abstract understanding evolved into a search for intuitive integration... A passage through garden and landscaping works put him in contact with the sensoriality of nature: an experience that revealed his creativity, and continues to nourish his imagination.


After studying traditional techniques at the Barcelona Academy of Art, he began his artistic work through experimenting with various materials.