A thousand forms emerge from the raw elements. Their materiality suggests animate figures, while their vitality awakens the source of expression within me, the inner breath of creation

My approach is rooted in inspired sensoriality. I am mindful that my gestures are guided by the tactile play of design, an eagerness for sensitive inventions.

Being in touch with my visual intuition is crucial if liveliness is to be perceived in the works. I intend to make visible the circulation of forces, the motion captured by the composition.


The materials concur with this approach. Ceramics, paper, charcoal, pigments, bronze, impart an echo of a world. They suggest the graphic universe of primitive times, when art existed as a ritual, an apprehension of forces.

The scratches, glyphs and symbols display a panel of allusive marks, vivid impressions. They testify to an attempt to produce an original language and meaning.


As these primary signs are used to represent a communion with animist powers, my designs aim to be traversed by a certain pulse, a passage of energies that are called into being – whether figurative or abstract.


Matter not only implies an instinctive approach, but also carries an inner potentiality, being a living entity. Substance gives rise to its own inflections. 

The receptivity of clay, paper, wax, is an invitation to reveal the richness of their textures and grains, to release forceful gestures, imprint emotions and traces. 

The responsiveness of the elements also discloses an abundant potency. In the dialogue with the substance, suggestions constantly emerge. In return, the feeling of inventiveness is sparked, and I seek to further anchor my practice in this playful bliss.


All evocations of a primitive language are liberated in a gestural exploration of forms. In the process, matter provides a support to cultivate the intuitive flow within.